Artisanal personal care products, all natural and handmade in Brooklyn

Manuela Schaudt, Jinnette Caceres and Malena Seldin

Manuela Schaudt, Jinnette Caceres and Malena Seldin

Our products are handmade in small batches using vegan, plant based ingredients. Organic essential oils nourish the skin with holistic healing properties and indulgent aromatherapy benefits.

Our first product line, BK BAR SOAP, is inspired by the different neighborhoods and landmarks of Brooklyn, the city where our brand is based. LOCAL LATHERS is currently available in select boutique shops, fairs and markets in Brooklyn and Beyond!


Manuela Schaudt is the Director of a not-for-profit organization in the Bronx and, in her words, has "always had an obsession with bar soap."  Schaudt's sister-in-law, Jinnette Caceres, is an English teacher at a Bronx public High School with a flair for DIY and craft.

The two women live in Fort Greene and began making soap at home in 2013, experimenting with ingredients and blending fragrances. "It's almost like baking," they say, "because each batch smells so delicious and looks good enough to eat!"

Their friends and family loved the samples they shared so much that, before long, the women decided to turn their fun hobby into a shared business venture. In 2014, they co-founded LOCAL LATHERS. Soon after that, Schaudt sought graphic design advice from her friend, Malena Seldin, who joined the team as Creative Director. Seldin is a native New Yorker and currently lives in Carroll Gardens.

The three women meet weekly and usually prepare a meal to enjoy together before discussing business. Their collaboration has been a very smooth process, each individual lending her own unique combination of skills, ideas, perspective and experience. Starting a business as first-time entrepreneurs has been a fulfilling and empowering endeavor so far and they're excited to see how it evolves, over time.